Finally, an advanced-techniques ONLINE training for hypnotists to get athletes and performers to the next level.

You need ZERO athletic experience or sports knowledge in order to be a highly effective sports hypnotist after you learn the skills provided at this training.

You will know exactly what to do when a client comes to you for any kind of performance issue!

In this training, I am going to take you by the hand and show precisely what I do in my sessions with athletes, performers, and business clients. By the end of the course you will easily be able to follow my plan with cheat sheets, scripts and having actually practiced the techniques in the training. It's all SHOCKINGLY EASY!

"I feel I can work with any athlete whatsover!"

Jennifer Hall-Hypnotherapist

One Parent With A Kid In Sports Will Return Double Your Investment In This Training 

Imagine the PRESTIGE you will earn from having professional athletes sing your praises and inviting you to their games lke this:

"After working with Craig, I was able to land a job playing in the Canadian Football League"

Craig has done so much to help me rejuvenate my floundering career as a professional athlete. Originally sought out Craig to help with a mental glitch/hitch in my giddyup that I was having while trying to execute my technique for punting.  I read countless books on Sports Psychology, Mental Toughness, positive thinking, etc.  But I never could quite attain the desired outcome I was looking for.  So finally, I was at my wit's end trying to fix this mechanical "problem" I was having.  It was driving me crazy.  I knew I had done everything PHYSICALLY possible to try and correct it.  So now, I knew that the only possible area of my game left that needed to be worked on was my mental.

After a few sessions with Craig, I noticed a dramatic improvement in my ability to execute without any mental hangups.  My ability to relax under pressure improved drastically, along with my ability to focus on the moment and not the outcome.  I can tell you now, that although I may feel a lil' bit of excitement when I step onto the field, it's a totally different form of energy, an empowered one and one that brings all the right positive energy into my mind.  As opposed to the negative clutter that used to creep in.

After working with Craig, I landed a job playing in the CFL (Canadian Football League) and had success almost immediately.  This year I was nominated as my team's 'Most Outstanding Special Teams' player, which is no easy task and was a great honor for me personally.  I can also tell you I've had more "fun" being an athlete again than I've ever had since I turned Pro - thanks to my newfound mindset.  And I have Craig to thank for most of it.

If you're an athlete or even just someone looking to improve your performance in your desired field, I would like to encourage y ou to seek out Craig's help just as I did.   Only hopefully, you'll do it  sooner than I did.  I treated it as a last resort.  When really, I should have had it in my arsenal from the get go. 

Eddie Johnson - Punter/Kicker CFL Saskatchewan Roughriders #11


If you aren't currently working with athletes you are leaving money on the table and doing a disservice to your community. Here's why...

Maybe you are intimidated by the whole sports world...I get that. I used to be as well. I mean, let's face it, professional and University sports teams and elite athletes have sports psychologists on staff to help them with these issues, right? The new career of sports psychology has created numerous college programs designed for this profession...that's true. BUT YOU HAVE AN EDGE as a sports hypnotist. The funny thing is, sports psychologists are being perceived more and more in a negative light as athletes don't want "psychology"...what they want is "mental toughness, confidence, and play to their potential."

"This was an awesome helpful in my practice"

Archie Levine - 25-year Licensed Mental Health Counselor


When you are done with this sports hypnosis training, you will be able to deliver that. Here's what you'll learn:

My patented 4-session structure and how to sell it to athletes and their parents
How to eliminate performance anxiety
The real truth about what causes mental blocks (it's not what you think) and how to get rid of them
Interventions specifically designed to fix the biggest problem in sports: Not being able to perform in competition as well as in practice
My second session secret weapon technique that clears out past mistakes, screwups and losses and gives the client a tool to keep themselves clear
Tactics and techniques to remove "perfectionism"
How to drastically improve motivation in an athlete (or anyone)

How to deal with all the typical roadblocks athletes come up with when doing hypnosis

The differences in how to work with athletic Girls vs. Boys

How to teach self hypnosis in a way that is 10x more effective than traditional methods

An amazingly effective NLP technique for working with pre-teens for all issues

How to answer the questions: "What's your success rate?" and "Have you ever worked with (sport)athletes?"  ...Even if you are brand new in this field.

How to guide ANYONE to becoming FEARLESS

My secret technique to turbo-charge CONFIDENCE that anyone (even a parent) can facilitate

How to work effectively with teens and pre-teens, even the stubborn ones who think they know it all

I developed a hypnotic induction that works on 99.6% of all clients. It also doubles as a powerful focusing technique. A 10 year old could read this script and put anyone in hypnosis. 

Don’t get left behind…sports and business coaching is the new hot field!
Take advantage of this new trend and be ready to help your clients overcome any form of performance anxiety from sports to the boardroom.

Anyway, let me continue...You don’t need to TARGET pro athletes. (These days, they find me) In fact, I RECOMMEND AGAINST you doing that. Instead, think of this EVERY community, there are countless teen and pre-teen athletes playing sports in highly competitive leagues and tournaments. THESE KIDS AND RECREATIONAL ATHLETES ARE YOUR REAL MARKET. There are more of these kids and adults who are seeking mental game training right now than we can ever hope to reach. This pool of clients is unlimited, constantly refereshing AND THEY NEED YOUR HELP.

These sports kids have the opportunity to receive powerful LIFE SKILLS and experiences through sports...but sometimes they don't. If their kids are having trouble, parents are desperate to find help and will pay for your expertise. That is where you come in. 

"You gave so much more information! Highly recommend it"

Patricia Eslava Vessey - Life coach, CHt, NLP


Imagine waking up to emails like this one below (I get these all of the time and had never worked with crew athletes prior to Sarah):

Thanks. When I came to your seminar I was skeptical, I was nearly sure it was a scam or that you would be weird--but I was wrong. You were professional, friendly, well informed,and you really care about helping people. You helped me, a lot. I went from ergging well to times that put me at the top of my sport.

For the 6K my times went from 23.11.5 to a 22.53.2. My 2k went from a 7.18.6 to a 7.11.2.

But what I really appreciate is the new perspective I have on my life, I am thinking big and being positive. I am also developing a sense of tapping into my unconscious mind and seeing that things can be changed just by thinking differently. It was an amazing journey and you are an amazing person--I am glad our paths crossed.


Sarah Martin, UW Crew, Seattle WA

The tools and techniques you will learn can be applied to every other issue you work with... especially Fear, Anxiety, and Stress!

Listen, I spent years working with anxiety, weight loss, smoking cessation and difficult medical issues that doctors have no cure for. This is where I developed my methods and what sets me apart in the sports world for which I am forever grateful... and my clients get lightning fast improvements as a result. You will learn all of my secrets!

The training will be structured around my 4-session process where I will teach you all the techniques I use and you will come away with a menu to choose from for each session. You will learn how to determine what tools are best for each type of client you encounter ( cannot treat every client the same, cookie cutter approaches don't work).

Typical parent comments after having her son work with me:


You will learn a proven framework for working with clients THAT GUARANTEES SUCCESS for every client you will ever work with

I have to tell you... I'm generally a sensitive person and the stress of pressure of having to come through to getting a client his/her outcome has sometimes been overwhelming for me. I really care about my clients and so badly want them to come away from my sessions extremely happy about the money they are shelling out for my services. But, if you've done this kind of work before, you know that it is impossible to get every client their outcome...OR IS IT?

I've found a way to do just that and you will discover the power of my methodology. (I sleep a lot better these days since I figured this out).

Here's the secret: The ironic thing is, the less I took responsibility for my client's outcome, the more often my clients achieved the success they wanted! You will learn exactly how to do this with every client. THIS IS WHAT MADE ME A HIGHLY SOUGHT AFTER hypnotist and mental game trainer.


"It was really good for self help work. I got a lot out of it for myself."

Stan Finkelstein - CHt


Learn my proprietary "Emotional Mastery" system that blasts clients through fear (known in sports as - performance anxiety).

 Let me illustrate the importance of Emotions in all performances. When I created my first mental game program for golfers, it dawned on me that the secret to playing well was not mechanics and's who can control their emotions most efficiently, especially under pressure. Elite athletes and coaches in all sports know this.

I read everything I could get my hands on about emotions and how to manage them but none of their "tricks" worked in the long run. I studied military training books, famous coaches and many sports psychologists. Their techniques were all like putting band-aids on a broken leg or giving aspirin to a brain cancer patient.

After about my 500th client or so, a light bulb turned on in my mind. I started putting together some patterns that my clients showed me along with some psychological studies and personal development teachings that all jived perfectly with my NLP and Hypnosis training. BOOM! I had it and set about to codify it into a workable process which has been tested with hundreds of clients since with astounding results! YOU WILL LEARN everything I know about this and be able to teach it to your clients to get results like this:

You do NOT need to be a hypnotherapist (although it helps) in order to attend this training and be able to make a huge difference in athlete's mental game upon course completion.


Athletes, especially youth athletes and weekend warriors, are the perfect clients...

They are highly motivated, easy to help get change, and they will pay anything to get that extra performance edge. The competition for making a team, getting playing time, and especially sports scholarships has athletes and their parents willing to do whatever it takes to help their youth athlete. You already know how tough it is in pro sports but let me tell you, recreational athletes are just as competitive!

If you've done any kind of "change" work as a therapist for such issues as weight loss, quit smoking, etc, then you will find that working with athletes is extremely fun and highly rewarding!

I knew NOTHING about squash when I worked with Frank below:

"Last Tuesday after our first session, I played had a squash match against a long-time foe, whom I've played many times before, but whom I've lost to the previous three times. My opponent is not an especially graceful winner to say the least, so losing to him is quite painful. The short version of the story is that last Tuesday after our session, I beat him handily (9-3, 9-2, 9-0). In squash parlance, this would be considered a dominant victory, and, quite frankly, it felt great!!

Thanks again for the amazing session and the incredible results!"

Frank T. Bellevue


You get the benefit of 7 years experience with over 1,000 clients, 6 mental game programs sold worldwide, and a database of 17,000 athletes, coaches and their parents.


Learn how to turn a one-session client into 4-6 sessions!

I have taught and continue to teach hypnotherapists marketing and my techniques at the NGH, the IHF and IMDHA conventions and locally and the one thing I constantly preach for getting more clients is this:

It's infinitely easier to get multiple sessions from one client than it is to get more clients!!! AND, your clients are 500% more likely to get their outcome and keep it long term than if you take care of the whole person in the process in addition to dealing with the core issue. I will teach you how to do this.


365 Day Guarantee!
If for any reason, or no reason whatsoever, you don’t feel your getting 10 times MORE value than your investment in the program, within 365 days of purchasing, then I don’t want your money and will refund you back every penny.

Craig Sigl

Just ONE athlete (or client lead) will pay you back more than double your investment in this course!

I currently charge $200 a session and $700 for a 4-session package for my services. Now, you may say, that's all fine and dandy for you Craig since you are in Bellevue but I'm in a lower income area that won't support those kind of rates.


The location of your business has nothing to do with how much money you make. Proof of this is in the fact that I do many sessions via SKYPE (webcam on the computer) and via phone for that amount all over the world.

Parents of young competitive athletes are used to paying out thousands for travel, equipment, league and team fees, private coaching, etc etc. the list goes on. My $700 rate is a drop in the bucket to them!

How I got a major newspaper to write an article about my services on the front page of the sports section that sent clients to me for months and led to my getting featured on Evening Magazine TV show
Exactly what I do and say when I get a phone call inquiring about my services to turn them into a multiple session client
You will get the exact outline I use when giving talks to athlete groups and teams
My techniques for getting referrals from clients, coaches (and everyone I meet for that matter)
How to get the amazing testimonials (this is THE secret to converting a lead to a client)
How to get clients if you are starting from scratch like I did when I came to Seattle in 2007 knowing only a few family members

Your Trainer, Craig Sigl 

I have sold 7 successful mind training programs worldwide and have worked one-on-one with hundreds of athletes and business people on these issues for years

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